Steam Bathing

In Ayurveda we focus on the quality of the things around us including the seasons, our digestion, food, and herbs. The summer season brings hot, sharp, and penetrating qualities to our environment which can cause us to feel a little bit I’m off during the hot months of the year 🔥

You may start to notice yourself getting more irritable for example, feeling exhausted or having changes in your digestion. In order to balance these external qualities on the inside we incorporate practices that are cooling and stabilizing. For example getting a steam bath with a rose, lavender, hibiscus and eucalyptus infusion as they all have cooling qualities 🌺

On top of balancing our pitta dosha (internal fire imbalance) getting a swedana (steam bath) helps with lymphatic drainage, relief from sore joints & muscle pain, weight loss & cellulite reduction and hydrating skin 🌿

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MariaJosé Luce