Chakra Balancing Workshop

Chakra Balancing Workshop.jpeg

Saturday February 16th from 1:30pm - 3:330pm.

Join me for this workshop at Yoga Shala to learn about the seven main energy centers in the body, the chakras.

The chakras are housed along the spine starting at the base of the spine and ending at the crown of the head and govern different qualities in us. Starting with our sense of security and working in to our creativity, self worth, compassion, truthfulness, intuition and connection to a higher power. Over time and through different life experiences these energies become blocked causing energetic and physical blockages. You will learn how to open the flow of energy using yoga asana, smell, sound and food.

Join Reiki I&II certified yoga instructor Mariajosé Luce for this unique experience ending in a thirty minute crystal bowl sound bath.

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Cost $25

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MariaJosé Luce