Austin - Ayurveda & Sound Healing

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Join Love Child x The Mindful Mama at the Refinery for a night of relaxation, meditiation, and balance.

Ever wonder why some diets work for others but not for you? Ever wonder why some foods, even healthy ones, can make you feel awful? 

Led by María José Escobar Luce of Get Luce Yoga, we'll dive into Ayurveda and learn how to use the 5,000 year old holistic healing system in your modern life to keep your body and digestion in balance. We will talk about our personalized types of digestion, our individual mind body type, and take away recipes and routines specific for you.

Post Ayurveda workshop, we'll enjoy a 30 minute sound bath with crystal bowls attuned to balance your seven energy centers - the chakras. 

Treat yourself to complimentary drinks and snacks as well as a few vendors set up for some post-healing shopping (the best kind of shopping)! Garage parking available across the street from the Refinery or street parking available. Please bring a yoga mat with you. 

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Photo Credit: Christiane Escobar

MariaJosé Luce