Back at It

In an effort to start getting my pre-mommy groove back I began researching a couple of local yoga workshops. Thankfully San Antonio’s yoga community has grown in the past few years bringing a variety of options for new classes. I was especially excited to see an opportunity for the Yoga as Medicine for Your Back workshop. I have had clients as me questions about how yoga can help their back pain, and I have been able to tailor their private classes to help alleviate some of the discomfort. However, there are so many complexities in the spine that I had been looking for a chance to help deepen my understanding of where the pain comes from and what I can teach my clients to help them prevent back injuries. My husband was more than excited to spend some quality Daddy-and-Son time with Jens, so the timing was perfect!

The workshop, led by Melissa Aguirre, focused on ways to use yoga to prevent back problems and promote healthy aging. According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, back problems are the number three reason people go see the doctor. This means that we can be doing more in our day to day lives to help keep our back in good health throughout our lives. People with back pain often turn to physical therapy, and people who come to my classes often point out the similarities with our yoga exercises to the exercises they had been given in PT. Melissa did a good job of pointing out that although the exercises overlap, PT lacks the mindfulness aspect that yoga provides while creating a deeper relationship for rehabilitating our body. There are many other components that affect our spine on a day to day basis, mostly related to lifestyle choices. Posture and stress can lead to back pain, and yoga helps alleviate asymmetry in the spine created by these unavoidable factors while manipulating your muscles and tendons as well as calming your mind.

I am excited to continue my yoga studies with a special focus on adaptive therapeutics to help people create healthy patterns in their lives. To find out more about how you can integrate yoga into your life, email me at 

Remember, yoga is for everyBODY!

Sometimes you study the way by causing off the mind.
Sometimes you study the way taking up the end. Either way, study the way with thinking, and study the way not thinking.
— Eithei Dogen